Why Employee Joining Kits Are a Good Marketing Tool

Why Employee Joining Kits Are a Good Marketing Tool


Employee joining kits have been a go-to employee engagement strategy for organizations over the last few years. Although it was initially considered a trend to enhance the onboarding experience of new joiners in the remote work setup, joining kits have now long become a norm. It allows employers to establish a solid impression while sharing a glimpse of company culture. For employees, joining a new organization is mired with adjustments, doubts, and at times anxiety. However, employee joining kits act as icebreakers, making them feel at home. It also familiarizes them with the company logo, brand message, and motto.

On the other hand, employers are also witnessing multiple benefits with employee joining kits. What began as an employee engagement tactic has now turned into a potent marketing tool for companies. Let’s explore how.

Employee joining kits for brand marketing.

Onboarding kits comprise employee handbooks, stationery, and other branded swag items like t-shirts, stickers, reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, power banks, and chocolates. During the pandemic, cloth masks and sanitizer bottles were among the staple products included in the employee joining kits. Companies went all creative guns blazing to customize the joining kits. All of their efforts paid off eventually.

Free social media marketing of the brand

With social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram becoming a necessary part of our social lives, people share every life update on these platforms. When employees provided customized joining kits to welcome new employees, almost everyone took to social media to thank and praise their new employer. Although it was an unintended act, companies that offered onboarding kits gained massive popularity on social platforms. It enhanced their brand so much that every job posting they made attracted hundreds of applications. It saved their time and money in sourcing candidate profiles to fill their positions.

Offline brand ambassadors

Most organizations made certain that their employee joining kits had cool and flauntable products like t-shirts with company logos and mottos. When these new joiners wore the t-shirts or carried the tote bags during their off-time, they worked as brand ambassadors, indirectly raising awareness for the brand. The cooler the swag item, more the eyeballs it attracted leading to increased website visitors.

How to Customize Your Employee Joining Kits

Customizing your employee joining kit is an essential part of making your onboarding practice a hit with the employees. Instead of making it a generic kit, add items that express value to the new employees. Companies can choose from a range of products to customize their employee joining kit based on the budget allocated. Some of the popular items that go into the kit are listed below:

An employee handbook that includes

  • Company values, rules, and onboarding instructions
    • Company information, team structure, and other important details
    • Employment contracts, NDA agreements, and new employee forms
    • Onboarding survey or feedback form to review the onboarding process
  • Electronic pass or swipe card to access office facilities
  • Branded stationery - pens, pencils, sticky notes, staplers, and notebooks.
  • Clothing items, like branded T-shirts, caps, and jackets, with company or team motto
  • Fancy items like coffee mugs, water bottles, stickers, and other trinkets
  • Accessories like flashlights, bags, and wallets
  • Food items like gourmet desserts, chocolates, or coffee beans
  • Branded electronic devices like headphones, mouse pads, or USB sticks

Make your employees feel special with onboarding kits

Most organizations practice onboarding rituals by putting together a bunch of products in a cardboard box. Such an approach that lacks warmth and value will make your employees feel unappreciated. To make the employee joining kits a core part of your marketing and branding strategy, ensure that you imbibe your company values, motto, and vision in designing the kit. If you are unsure of how to customize the onboarding kits, get in touch with eYantra, India’s top B2B corporate gifting enterprise. It will help you design tasteful joining kits filled with personalized notes, branded clothing, and merchandise.

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