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About Us

Who Are We?

Since 2000, eYantra has been a pioneer in corporate gifting & brand merchandising business in India. eYantra is a B2B merchandising platform, designed specifically for corporations and businesses in India. Show appreciation to customers and colleagues and manage your relationship with them through merchandising.
As B2B merchandising pioneers working together successfully for 21 years, we have repeatedly encountered the typical difficulties in corporate gift giving: the tediousness and redundancy of the task itself, difficulties in deciding on the right gift, lack of control over the process, and an inability to track results.
We've always believed in the power and convenience of online shopping, but it looked like the ordinary eCommerce solution was just not good enough when it comes to corporations wanting to show gratitude. That’s how eYantra was born.
Today, eYantra specializes in Corporate Gifting, Rewards & Recognition Programs, Brand Stores, Experiential Gifting Solutions, and B2B Marketing. Through strong global alliances with members of the International Gift Council, eYantra manages programs across 4 continents and multiple diversities.

Why Choose Us?

Our Solution:

  • A huge variety of products to ensure recipient satisfaction
  • Advanced technology and digitization for seamless process control
  • A team of experts ready to provide the best practice and support to make sure every business’s need is met

eYantra not only rewards the right people with the right gifts, but also helps you establish a unified, company-wide gifting culture, one that enhances business relations. We keep extending the platform's functionality to meet evolving needs.


eYantra strives on domain expertise, thought leadership, customer delight & an ROI driven approach. Each of these forms the foundation stones of eYantra’s vision to accentuate growth through the power of appreciation & gratification.

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