eYantra Shipping Policy | Reliable & Timely Gift Deliveries

What are the delivery charges? 

Delivery charges are different for different sellers.  

Delivery charges are incurred in some cases to compensate logistic costs. Please refer to your order summary to further understand the individual product delivery charges. 

Higher value products are delivered free in most cases. 

 For what reason does the delivery date not match with the delivery timeline of ABC business days? 

It is likely that the courier partner or seller have an occasion between the day you put in your request and the delivery date, which depends on the courses of events displayed on the item page. For this situation, we add a day to the assessed date. Sundays are not working for some sellers and courier partners and hence an extra day is added to the delivery dates. 

 What is the estimated delivery time? 

Estimated delivery time is in accordance with the time mentioned on the item page. Procurement and shipment of the item is done by the seller on time except in case of Sundays or public holidays. 

Delivery time largely depends on the location of the seller as well as the customer. 

 Are there any additional (hidden) charges on the items listed on eYantra website? 

 There are absolutely no hidden charges on purchases made from eYantra website. The price at which the product is listed is the final price that you would pay to buy that product

Delivery charges, if charged at all, will not be hidden and depends solely on specific seller’s shipping policy. 


Why does each seller show different delivery time? 

  Delivery date is shown depending on the geographical location of the seller, product availability, time taken by courier partner to complete the delivery, and final destination.  

You can check more accurate delivery time for your product by entering your pin code on the item page. At the time of checkout, estimated delivery date is based on the pin code provided by you in your delivery address. 

 Why some sellers cannot ship to my location/area? 

Whether seller wants to deliver at the specific location or not depends entirely on the seller’s discretion. They can choose whether they want to ship at your location or not depending on factors like availability of reliable courier partner in the specified area or some legal restrictions on the shipping of specific products. 

 Why there is no COD option offered for my location? 

Cash on delivery option is provided depending on the ability of our courier partners to accept cash as mode of payment in your geographical location while delivering the product. 

Please check whether COD is available in your location or not by entering your pin code on the product page. 

 Does eYantra deliver internationally? 

For the meanwhile, eYantra does not deliver internationally. 

eYantra provides the convenience of ordering from our website from any part of the world but please make sure that the delivery address is located in India. You can make payment on our website from debit/credit cards. 

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