How To Promote Self-Care And Wellness With Corporate Gifts?

How To Promote Self-Care And Wellness With Corporate Gifts?


For years, businesses have focused on improving customer experience until they realized that taking better care of employees will directly affect how their customers are treated. The current focus on wellness and self-care has brought to the fore the key aspect of employee experience. Employees understand that stress-free workplaces are rare, so instead they are inclined towards companies that consciously work towards creating a positive work culture rooted in employee well-being. The same has been reflected in corporate gifting trends. Self-care and wellness products are topping the list of employees' favored gift items.

In this blog post, we understand how companies can benefit from focusing on employee wellness and explain different ways they can achieve it through corporate gifting.

Impact of Corporate Gifting Trends of Self-Care & Wellness

The corporate gifting trend of self-care and wellness goes beyond the usual scope of retaining top talent. It allows you to improve your productivity, create a positive workplace, and facilitate better customer experience. Let’s see how you can achieve this.

Introduce a culture of wellness at the workplace 

Employee wellness as a corporate gifting trend or strategy allows you to improve the employee experience by building a dedicated support ecosystem for your workforce. It leads to a drop in demotivation, exhaustion, and burnout among employees. It won’t just improve workplace positivity but also boosts their productivity. 

Consider a corporate gift that can provide wellness and productivity benefits mentally and physically, so both you and your employees can reap the rewards of your investment!

Build a bond of trust with employees

Giving gifts is an act that brings people closer as it signifies care. The same applies when employers use different corporate gifting trends to build rapport with their workforce. It works much better with self-care and wellness gifts because it underlines genuine concern for their well-being. It can have a significant influence on developing a relationship of loyalty and trust between employers and employees.

With wellness gifts, you can affirm that your corporate gifting strategy isn’t a white-labeled bribe for their retention. Instead, it shows that you truly care about their health.

Build a team of in-house brand ambassadors

When you take care of your employees, they take care of your business. It is one of the oldest business mantras out there. Showing that your team’s well-being matters to you can be done in an impactful manner by promoting self-care and well-being. Following this trend of corporate gifting has paid a lot of dividends to companies. By treating your employees with empathy and care, you turn them into your in-house advocates of your brand. By promoting your brand for free, they will generate a lot of traction for your business.

What Constitutes Self-care & Wellness Gifts?

Corporate gifting has been a go-to strategy for businesses to attract and retain talent. However, employees are seeing through these tactics. They are demanding companies to be empathetic instead of mimicking generic corporate gifting trends. With companies seeking ideas to make their gifting strategy relevant, focus on physical and mental well-being has turned out to be a savior.

However, companies are still not clear as to what constitutes self-care and wellness corporate gifting. So, we have put together a list of ideas that you can refer to. 

Mindfulness & Relaxation

You can present your employees with subscriptions to meditation apps or online classes. You can also book them up for a yoga session. Other items that fall in this category are aromatherapy diffusers, cozy blankets or pillows, or spa kits.

Healthy Habits

Snacking is a common habit with most working professionals today. They usually end up picking unhealthy packaged foods. You can replace this with healthy snacks like gourmet foods, dry fruits, etc. You can also give them a reusable water bottle to help them stay hydrated.

Personal Growth & Creativity

Self-care often requires an avenue to let out the pent-up stress. Your corporate gifting trend can accommodate this through journals to note down their thoughts and encourage new hobbies by giving them necessary items like art supplies. You can promote their career growth by sponsoring certifications or courses.

Work-Life Balance

One of the cheapest ways to implement corporate gifting trends to promote wellness is by giving paid time off. Whenever you feel your team is overworked or stressed out, you can send them out on team lunch or book a weekend getaway.


Corporate gifting trends reflect the mood and expectations of employees across the board. If you intend to keep your workforce happy and motivated with their job, it is important to give credence to their expectations. The competitive nature of work has been affecting employees and by promoting self-care and wellness, you can improve their experience within your organization. If you are still wondering how to go about planning a corporate gifting program, you can check out eYantra. It is India’s largest B2B corporate gifting enterprise with collaborations with multiple vendors and brands. Given the range of options available with eYantra, you can build a corporate gifting program that will be a hit with your employees.

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