Factors to consider when buying corporate gifts

Factors to consider when buying corporate gifts


Corporate gifts are highly efficient tools for businesses to build strong relationships with new clients, delight existing ones, and inspire employees to improve their productivity. Also, they are beneficial for promoting your brand and its products, primarily if you are focussing on customized corporate gifting.
The Indian corporate gifting market is pegged at Rs 2,50,000 crore, growing at 200% per annum. Moreover, according to data from our Corporate Gifting report (link), the share of corporate gifting in India in the gifting market is increasingly growing by 70-80% per annum.
While corporate gifting has become a must-do for every business, there lies the strenuous task of selecting the right corporate gift and placing the order with corporate gifting companies.
Here are some of the essential factors you can consider when buying a corporate gift: 

While flashy gifts may be exciting in the gifting moment, ones that are usable and functional and can thus be used regularly are appreciated more in the long run.
Unlike decorative showpieces, gifts like coffee mugs, kitchen appliances, laptop/mobile accessories and even experience gifts aren’t something your recipient will likely put in a drawer and forget.

When buying gifts from corporate gifting companies, allocating a budget in advance is essential. Giving lavish gifts can make your clients & employees happy, but it can also hurt your budget.
Make sure you have a realistic budget outlining what you can afford. Compare prices across suppliers, look for bulk discounts, and generally try to stretch your budget as far as possible.

Corporate gifts are a boon for strengthening your bond with clients & employees and lead to positive results. As these gifts reflect your brand, care must be taken to ensure they are of the highest quality.
Giving low-quality or tasteless gifts can ruin the image of your business. Thus focus on the best quality gifts from corporate gifting companies that fit your budget. 

Corporate gifts are popular during events like product launches, employee milestones, and festivals. Buying appropriate corporate gifts for each event is important since they have different vibes and themes.
When it’s an office event, give something your employees can use at work while carrying out their tasks. In the case of festivals, opting for customized corporate gifting is recommended, as it can match the festival’s theme. 

To get a clear insight into the proper gifting range for clients and employees, you can consult the product catalogue from
corporate gifting companies like eYantra. It lists out the most popular gifting options used by businesses, and you can even order from them.

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