Customized Corporate Gifting: Your Guide To Personalizing Experiences

Customized Corporate Gifting: Your Guide To Personalizing Experiences


In the current competitive environment, companies need to go the extra mile to keep their employees engaged and happy. Owing to this corporate gifting has become an essential part of company culture. It helps build a relationship of trust and loyalty between employees and employers. This trend became evident in the eYantra survey which revealed that companies are increasing their corporate gifting budget by 70% - 80% per annum. Now that gifting has become a norm, businesses are shifting to customized corporate gifting to create a lasting impression.

In this blog, we will discuss everything that you need to know about personalizing their gifting program and different ways that you can merchandise customized business gifting.

Significance of customized corporate gifting

Customizing corporate gifts involves personalizing gifts by taking into consideration the preferences of recipients so that they can relate to them on an emotional level. You can personalize your gifts in a variety of schemes including engravings, personal messages and designs, and merchandising goodies. Customized corporate gifting helps you-

  • Demonstrate your thoughtfulness and care in selecting the gift for recipients, instead of picking generic objects.
  • Strengthen relationships by fostering a bond and mutual respect with employees, as personalized gifts show your effort.
  • Establish a lasting memory and long-term impact by picking a gift that aligns with employees’ interests or needs.
  • Enhance brand image by showcasing your commitment towards employee satisfaction by pushing the envelope.
  • Create a sense of reciprocity as personalization prompts them to be more loyal and take up ownership for business growth.

Customized Corporate Gifting Ideas That You Can Adopt

Merchandise brand store

You can provide a wide range of gifting options for your employees to choose from by building a merchandised brand store. Most companies that follow this approach have a rewards point place. They define different milestones and points associated with them. For example, when an employee goes an entire month without taking a leave, you can assign some reward points. These can be accumulated and used to purchase any customized gift they need.

Welcome kit for new joiners

One of the most adopted corporate gifting trends during the pandemic, the welcome kit or new joining kit is a brilliant way to set your first impression. You can prepare a customized hamper with merchandised objects like notebooks, electronic gadgets, stationery items, and clothing. It is easy to implement this by collaborating with a corporate gifting partner like eYantra, which has a wide range of products to select from.

Box of chocolate or gourmet food

Delicacies like gourmet food or luxury chocolates can be a versatile gifting option suitable for any occasion. You can also include a customized greeting card with a special message showing your appreciation for the employees. You can never go wrong with a word of praise paired with tasty food.

Branded tote bag

Personalized tote bags are a very trendy gifting option. It is available in a variety of designs and materials, which you can customize as per your budget and occasion. Further, you can embellish them with not just your logo but also a brand message or quirky slogan.

Appreciative gift hamper

A corporate gifting type that compliments your new joining kit program is an appreciative gift hamper. Similar to the new joining kit, you will include a variety of items in it. You can also set a theme for each occasion or recipient preference. For example, you can have a superhero-inspired hamper designed for your employees who are comic book nerds. However, it may turn out to be a challenge to have a very niche gift hamper, unless you associate with someone like eYantra.


Customization has become a crucial aspect of corporate gifting and providing memorable experiences for your employees. Customized corporate gifting is more of an art than a business strategy for which you need to find a reliable gifting partner to take care of your gifting needs.

eYantra is the largest B2B corporate gifting brand in the country, which also specializes in custom merchandising solutions with over 20 years of experience behind them. Its product portfolio boasts over 12,000 products and more than 100 brand associations.

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