The Corporate Gifting and Trends Report 2022

The Corporate Gifting and Trends Report 2022

eYantra Industries, India’s largest B2B merchandising and corporate gifting brand, has released its Corporate Gifting and Trends 2022 on the evolving culture of corporate gifting triggered by remote work setup. The report covers over 2500 employees, HR leaders, and CEOs with details of the growing importance of merchandising in corporate gifting culture, the latest trends, and the ideal time to invest in corporate gifting. According to the report, the Indian gifting market is estimated to be worth Rs 2,50,000 cr, of which corporate gifting is pegged at Rs 12,000 cr.

With the global work landscape shifting to hybrid and remote models, corporate gifting has evolved as a mechanism for businesses to stay connected with their workforce, clients, and partners. Also, B2B merchandising has become an integral part of corporate gifting as brands are increasingly using it to personalize their gifts. Corporate gifting has seen a massive turnaround in terms of gifting frequency and spending led by changed work models, shifts in gifting behavior and emerging gifting occasions. Employers are witnessing significant gains in improving employee productivity and building lasting bonds with clients. About 80% of respondents claimed to have seen gifts improve connections with clients and employees, while 48% described it as ‘substantial benefits.

Key Takeaways:

Corporate gifting has seen a tremendous annual growth of over 80% post-pandemic.

The market share of corporate gifting has soared to about 23% as against 10% before the pandemic disruption.

The last two years have accelerated the adoption of merchandised corporate gifting with 74.3% of respondents saying that increase in the trend is owed to remote work culture.

Companies have increased their gifting budget by around 15% with an average ticket size per gift of Rs 5,000 per employee/annum, while it was earlier Rs 3,000.

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