Top Trends In Modern Corporate Gifting For 2024

Top Trends In Modern Corporate Gifting For 2024


With the holiday season around the corner, corporates are gearing up to create unique gifting experiences for their employees and partners. The benefits of corporate gifting can’t be stressed enough. It facilitates a sense of trust and loyalty between the receivers and givers. When planning this program, companies must remember that the gifts you select represent your brand and its values. To ensure that you express sentiments and brand principles accurately, corporate gifting must be planned with care.

By collaborating with eYantra, you can create unique gifting experiences for your employees through thorough research and relevant gifting options. However, it is always a good idea to keep your corporate gifting in line with current industry trends. In this article, we will discuss the top trends of corporate gifting that you can use for the upcoming year of 2024.

Top trends in corporate gifting

Eco-friendly gifting for enhanced sustainability

With concerns for environmental issues intensifying across the world, we are seeing a push towards sustainability. Companies are adopting this shift by turning to eco-friendly and organically sourced products for their customized corporate gift programs. Choosing eco-friendly gifts can help in building a positive image for your brand. Also, individuals are choosing to associate with companies that are eco-conscious in their operations. Businesses can turn to sustainable gifting through several things including opting for recyclable and biodegradable material over plastic for packaging.

Some of the eco-friendly gifting options that you have available are plant-based mugs, coasters and stationery, copper bottles, and upcycled bags with your logo on them to create a customized corporate gift.

Can’t go wrong with customized corporate gifts

Customization is a corporate gifting strategy that offers versatility and sets your gifting program for success. Personalizing the presents to suit the preferences and likes of your employees will add a personal touch. It represents your appreciation and celebration of the team’s uniqueness while creating a lasting bond built on loyalty and mutual respect. More than a trend, customized corporate gifts have become a default expectation. It also works for companies as they have a wide range of options to choose from.

With a corporate gifting company like eYantra, you can create customized gifting experiences by personalizing them for your workforce. Examples of gifts under this category are cups or drinkware with their names, Clothing with either their names or professional traits, and so on.

Focus on employee health with wellness gifts

Health has become a priority for everyone in recent times, and rightly so. Only when your employees are fit both physically and mentally can they produce the best results. The shift is visible in corporate gifting practices with companies favoring wellness products and services to express their commitment to creating a conducive work culture with an employee-first approach. Businesses are planning customized corporate gifts by including packages for wellness getaways, yoga, and meditation sessions, and subscriptions for wellness apps.

Charm of technological products & gadgets

Today, technology is at the center of everything – work, family, relationships, and aspirations, and it has made everyone tech-savvy. This has ultimately helped companies expand their gifting options with the addition of tech-enabled products to their customized corporate gift scheme. For employees, gadgets have become an extension of themselves giving them capabilities to do their jobs well. Companies can use this trend to create an enhanced gifting experience through products like smartwatches and health trackers to prioritize their health and fitness. Portable power banks, headsets, and smart speakers are also good gifting options.

Gifting experiences leave a lasting impact

Corporate gifting doesn’t just have to be tangible or material objects. With the new generation of workforce focusing on creating experiences over hoarding products, companies are adapting to these newer expectations. It also empowers companies to create a customized corporate gift plan that aligns with their preferences for experiences and travel. Companies can give their employees travel vouchers, personalized packages, tickets to concerts or sporting events, and so on. The fundamental concept of the gifting experience is to create memories that they will cherish for a long time.

Offer exceptional employee experiences with eYantra

Corporate gifting is a game-changing strategy for companies to attract and retain top talent, along with building invaluable partnerships. However, businesses must put efforts into planning the program to generate maximum revenue. The success of a corporate gifting initiative will depend on personalization, quality of experience, and timing. For many companies, customized corporate gifts can be cumbersome with so many parameters to consider like employee preferences, cultural considerations, and budget restrictions. With eYantra, you can execute a rewarding corporate gifting initiative with access to multiple brands and a variety of gifting options.
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