Our Team

Raj N,

Founder & Chairman

Raj N., founder, and Chairman of eYantra, has over 20 years of business consulting experience. He founded eYantra in 2001 and scaled its growth trajectory towards India’s largest merchandising company. A start-up evangelist and a strategist with deep management experience and broad leadership skills, Raj is among the key decision makers at Loyalty Reward 3, eYantra, SSL Ltd., Zaggle, and Privilege Corner.

Archana Purohit,

CEO of eYantra

Archana Purohit is the CEO of eYantra Media at eYantra Industries. With 13 years of experience curating strategic content and digital marketing solutions for SAAS and Fintech companies, Archana has actively participated in diverse functions of print and online media, ranging from content creation to marketing and managing various aspects of a media organization.



Sanjeev Kumar Bandari is the Assistant Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain at eYantra Industries Private Limited (Corporate Brand Merchandising Company). With 20 years of expertise in supply chain, marketing communications, and facility management, he has mastered managing the sourcing and procurement functions at eYantra and reviewing invoices to ensure full compliance with customers and regulations.



Kiran Pesala heads Business Development at eYantra. Blending his expertise in HR with business management, Kiran brings excellent negotiation and sales skills to the table with commendable market research and account management capabilities.

Sanjeet Behera,

(Branch Head – Sales)

Sanjeet Behera is the Business Head – Enterprise Sales at eYantra. With over 11 years of successful experience in the telecommunications and eCommerce industries, he has been responsible for B2B Corporate/ Enterprise/ institutional Sales.

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