The Do’s and Dont’s of Corporate Gifting For Brand Awareness

The Do’s and Dont’s of Corporate Gifting For Brand Awareness


In the current business landscape where networking plays an essential role, corporate gifting is rapidly gaining significance as a business strategy to create brand awareness. Companies are actively collaborating with corporate gifting companies in India to expand their brand reach and forge new associations.

Corporate gifting helps companies create goodwill among current and potential partners, directly influencing your business growth. Choosing a thoughtful present as a part of the corporate gifting strategy will go a long way in building customer loyalty. Navigating the intricacies of corporate gifting can be tricky. Most companies approach it as yet another formality and ignore the importance of adding a personal touch to the gift.

If you are new to the corporate gifting ritual, this article will give you the dos and don’ts, following which will give you an edge.

Do’s and Don’ts of corporate gifting

Corporate gifting practice leaves a lasting impression on your business associates if done right. While there are quite a few corporate gifting companies in India, you know your clients better which puts you in an ideal position to pick the gifts. We have put together a list of things that will help enhance the impact of corporate gifts.

Do’s of Corporate Gifting

Get an understanding of your customer’s interests

The crucial first step before selecting gifts from corporate gifting companies in India is to understand the recipient's preferences. Taking the time to learn about their likes and interests will help you to choose a meaningful and relevant gift, ensuring the recipient's genuine delight.

Pick an appropriate gift

Choosing thoughtful and appropriate gifts is key to achieving the goal of making the recipient happy, which will help in increasing your brand awareness. Opt for items that reflect the value you place on your association. It should demonstrate that you put in effort in selecting something special. This step is important as it showcases your professionalism and thoughtfulness, expressing gratitude for your partnership with your company.

You can join hands with one of the corporate gifting companies in India like eYantra to help you through this process.

Personalize gifts to leave a unique impression

Your corporate gift shouldn’t feel like a generic item. You can leave a lasting impact by adding a personal touch to the gift through handwritten notes. Most organizations incorporate their company’s branding like logo and motto. It helps in creating a recall value for your brand. It will make your gift unique with a very subtle hint of promotional elements. By gifting something that the recipients can use in their daily lives like tote bags, pens, or wallets, you can create an indirect brand ambassador for your company.

Take religious/cultural considerations into account

Corporate gifting offers an opportunity to demonstrate respect and inclusiveness toward individuals from diverse backgrounds. However, caution is essential to avoid unintentionally hurting sentiments. Given the complexity of this area, consider engaging one of the many corporate gifting companies in India for insights into the cultural nuances of specific occasions.

Ensure compliance with company policies

Companies tend to have policies to avoid violations of multiple industry regulations. That is why you must refer to your policies and adhere to them when planning the corporate gifting program. While it is important to leave a good impression on your customers, it is essential to exhibit professionalism and comply with your company’s values.

Don'ts of Corporate Gifting

Refrain from giving intimate gifts

Personalization is the key to unlocking the perfect corporate gift. However, overdoing it can cost you. Getting too personal or intimate with corporate gifting can have significant consequences. It not only creates an air of awkwardness, but the recipient may feel uncomfortable or choose to disregard the gift, defeating the purpose of using corporate gifting to boost brand awareness. The primary goal of gifting to clients is to demonstrate appreciation and enhance professional relationships. Offering something inappropriate may lead to misinterpretation of your intentions and potentially offend your associates.

Having a partnership with a corporate gifting company in India like eYantra will ensure you avoid such missteps.

Avoid offensive or controversial gifts

Controversial or offensive items in corporate gifting will certainly dent your relationship with your customer. Corporate gifting should be a gesture of goodwill and communicate a positive emotion. To be safe, you can pick universally acceptable items that ensure communicating the right intentions.

Corporate gifting shouldn’t turn into a bribe

Corporate gifting shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to bribe or show favoritism. Attempting something like that will raise doubts about the integrity of your organization and business practices. Also, it will open your company to legal and regulatory investigations for bribery.

Do corporate gifting the right way with eYantra

Corporate gifting can be a brilliant promotional or marketing move for companies keen on enhancing their brand awareness. It helps businesses boost their brand recall value through gifts that can be used by recipients. However, it isn’t as easy as it may seem. You need to be aware of quite a few nuances, which may be tricky without a gifting partner. Among all of the corporate gifting companies in India, eYantra stands out through its innumerable gifting options along with multiple brand associations. As the largest B2B corporate gifting company in India, eYantra helps you with

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