Corporate Gifts That Will Perk Up Your Independence Day Celebrations

Corporate Gifts That Will Perk Up Your Independence Day Celebrations


Office celebrations hold special importance for every employee. The often professional and formal mood of the workplace turns festive and joyous. Of all the celebrations, independence day is very special for every Indian. We have an immense spirit of freedom and patriotism instilled in us.

As companies seek new ways to make independence day celebrations special, corporate gifting is emerging as an attractive option. If you’re a business owner or a corporate leader, you can easily do that by collaborating with any of the corporate gifting companies in Hyderabad.

In this blog post, meanwhile, we will talk about how you can enhance independence day celebrations with corporate gifting.

Corporate Gifting During Independence Day

Independence Day transcends through time and every other divide in a country as diverse as India. There can be no better day to remember the significant sacrifices our forefathers made to present us with the freedom we enjoy today. You can underline it by celebrating the contributions of your employees to your company’s success. Below we have listed some of the items that can be an ideal gift on the occasion of independence day.

Earthenware Coffee Mug

Independence Day is a day to celebrate our countrymen and our rich culture. One way to do that is to promote local crafts like earthenware by gifting coffee mugs made of terracotta clay. You can have them sourced locally and even get them customized through corporate gifting companies in Hyderabad.

Custom Metal Badges and Pop Sockets

You can have special badges and pop sockets designed with an emblem that syncs your company values with patriotic fervour. Flat design pins and quirky pop sockets are a rage among younger employees and they are quite inexpensive.

Khadi Garments

Another way to promote our heritage is to give khadi garments to your employees. It aligns perfectly with August 15th as Mahatma Gandhi promoted khadi as a part of our freedom struggle. Besides being inexpensive, they can be sourced and customized very easily.

Office Utility Products

Items that help employees in their day-to-day work can also make for an ideal corporate gift. It could be a notepad, desktop organiser, pen or card holder, and even pen drive. One benefit of going with office utility is that you will be spoilt for choices. Corporate gifting companies in Hyderabad have readymade packages that you can customize as per your needs.

Experiential Gifts

If your employees are patriotic and enjoy independence day for its historical significance, you can identify and book seats for some of the major patriotic events in your city. Corporate gifting companies in Hyderabad are not just about providing physical gifts, they can also gift experiences as well. If not the events, you can also plan for a specially packaged box of brownies or cupcakes.

Make Independence Day a memorable festive

As a company, it is important to give your employees not just a healthy workplace, but also give them memories to cherish for a long time. One way to do that is by making festivities a reason for celebrations. Corporate gifting companies in Hyderabad such as eYantra offer a wide variety of gifts corporate gifts tailored to the event, occasion, or budget.

As you hoist the national flag and sing our national anthem, make a vow to preserve the spirit of freedom by giving your employees every reason to celebrate.
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